First step: Shooting!

This is a Pre-Sean Paul-Concert“-Shot. I visited a concert of Sean Paul in Düsseldorf last thursday (I wrote a text about this fantastic happening yesterday. Sry again for not being able to write it in english). A friend of mine had two tickets and I got one of them. Some people might think, that I’m not that type of woman, who prefers dancehall music. For sure … not always, not everything. But frequently Sean Paul! Haha.
So… I was pretty excited and less motivated to make some shots. But we did … and here is one of them:

The best argument for showing, that I’m not one one of these „standard dancehall fans“ (I hope so!!)^^

I like it. I think that I have a really straight look on this picture and it often is hard for me to have the right expression in my eyes. But it worked! 😀

Although I was kind of unmotivated, we did some great shots. And after this shooting we listened to Sean Paul in Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Düsseldorf and it was such a great show! Hell, yeah. Finally I have to sum up: I enjoyed the whole day!

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