Wow. I’m just loving this picture!
Making this shot was an experiment and needed three trials to carry it off. ^^

Now… I’m happy that we tried… and tried… and tried. I’m happy about the neck pain and happy about the realization!

Make-Up, hair and everything the photographer isn’t able to do for me, is always done by myself!

Furthermore I never realized my devilish long hair! 😀

By the way: Maybe I cannot tell my „daylife stories“ in english. But I can try to write some small texts relating to my shots! Maybe I’ll be wrong with some decimal points, maybe I’ll use some words absolutely wrong or making jokes which are not funny in the meaning of non-germans (I know, that humor is a really special thing and different from one country to antoher 😀 … so: I’m not dumb, if sth. seems to be strange as hell … I’m just transfering some things and jokes and everything I know into another language and that, maybe, can be totally lunatic. Haha).

If there are any mistakes, please adjust!! That’s how I hope to learn becoming funny in both languages … eventually! ^^

But: I hope that it is possible to decode cursorily what I attempt to say. 😀

Thanks to one of my favorite photographers: OR

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Cheers! 🙂