Something different.

Different and for me this outfit is kind of extraordinary.
Normally I’m not lady like at all and never wearing dresses like this one:

And  if i do … NEVER without tights!!!
But I wanted to try a look which in my own way is a bit similar to the look of the 50s and I wanted to try if it is possible do top a great shot without one of my dramatic tights! 😀

As I showed this picture to my mother she said: „Oh, some muscles on your legs.“
And I thought: „YEEEEES!!!“ ^^
I expected a good ‚training-result‘ because of my work out in a gym. And here they are: MUSCLES!!!

At this point I realized, that it was a good idea to put these dress and high heels and accessories on, go out into a museum in Dortmund with a photographer and try do make some great photos.

By the way: My quiff is best! 😀

Photo by: OR … Thx! 🙂

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