Why so serious???

Well … I think, this is one of my most beautiful shots. Finally I wanted to show „Pia without Make-Up“. So natural.
That’s how I look when I get up in the morning basically. Hahaha.

Honestly … my hand looks fucking spooky on this picture!!! 😀

I hope you like it. Maybe you can also characterize this picture as a Halloween Countdown: 5 months and a few days. Muahahahahaha …
… looking forward to it.^^

It is also a „Pre-WGT-Blogtext-Picture“. This text (about the Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Germany) will be in German, cause I cannot describe all the impressions of this wonderful festival in English words. But there will be a few pictures as well …. so be curious about it!! 😉

Thx to MH Shots. He had to be cool an stand still while I stood in front of his camera like THIS. Haha. Good job, man: http://www.mhshots.de/

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