The last picture…

… before I will finish the text about WGT 2013. 😉

This picture was an idea of myself. Anyway I wanted a shot like this, because I really like my ear-phones and of course … music!!! I couldn’t live without music and I think that I’m not alone with this sight.

Music makes you happy. Music makes you sad. Music can create so many emotions. The gamut of emotions. That’s what makes music such a wonderful thing. 

Make-Up as always done by myself.
Hope you like it. Not such a spooky shot like this „halloween-shot“ I posted yesterday. Haha. Have a nice day! 🙂

Picture was taken by Martin Hartung. Thx a lot: OR

By the way: My ear-phones were sponsored by a good friend of mine. He is a musician and wanted me to listen to his music in a way, which is worthy to his music. From this point I appreciate Skyla Vertex more than I did before. Haha. 😉
If you want and if you like kind of Industrial / Electro / Alternative music where harsh beats meet deep lyrics, check it out: OR assign your favorite search engine for „Skyla Vertex“ 😉

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